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Publishing on Mentor Reader what do we offer?

Military Audience

Servicemembers have high standards and they expect a lot of their tools. Mentor Enterprises intimately understands the military market and Mentor Reader is the only digital reading platform purpose-built to meet the needs of the Warfighter.

We keep things simple. We favor speed over aesthetics. We don't nag or pester. We provide and deliver top-quality content and then step aside. Of course, we are always available to provide support should the need arise.

Security and DRM

In publishing, content is king. As content creators ourselves, we understand the need to keep your data secure. To this end, we use a proprietary ebook format. Your data is always encrypted. When it's time to render a book on the screen for reading, we peek in and pull out one chapter at a time. Users cannot copy your text. Even if they have a jailbroken device and get their hands on your files they would have a very difficult time sorting out the encryption and obfuscation we have in place to prevent theft.

Our Digital Rights Management system is simple yet robust. Once a user has purchased a title, they can read that ebook on any devices they have authenticated with their Mentor Reader account. We monitor authentications and un-authentications to prevent abuse or sharing.


The ebook market is large and crowded. Amazon Kindle has about 2 million titles available for purchase and The Nook store claims to offer nearly twice that number. They do their best to categorize their titles and help users dig down and find relevant content, but it's difficult to wade through that many titles no matter how well they are organized.

The Mentor Reader library is smaller. Much smaller. No, it doesn't have every book a person could want, but we believe selectivity adds value to the overall collection. Company Command does not need to be sold side-by-side with the latest Hunger Games book. It deserves its own kind of spotlight. That's what we provide.

Compensation how do you get paid?

Content owners who sell product through receive a percentage of the transaction per their individual contractual agreement. The specific rate varies depending on a number of variables, but overall compensation is competitive with other ebook marketplaces.

Getting Started let's get the ball rolling!

Mentor Reader is currently in a semi-private enrollment phase. We are publishing primarily Mentor Enterprises content and that of some of our close partners. However, we would definitely like to talk with you if you are interested in joining up. Contact us at