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Company Command

Company Command: The Bottom Line spells out, for the first time, the essential tasks a company commander must complete and shows how he or she should perform them in order to command successfully. It's not a book on leadership, nor is it a book that includes everything a company commander does-although much in it applies to leadership and the many burdens of command. It's a concise, practical reference that will help make a "rookie" commander a "pro."

This is the Book that show you how to:

  • Start off running when you take command
  • Identify and complete your most important tasks
  • Find help and avoid mistakes
  • Make a winning leadership team with your first sergeant
  • Solve training, supply, personnel, maintenance, and military justice problems
  • Set new directions for your company
  • Build confidence and command with authority

...And does it in plain English, with:

  • Practical "Tips,"
  • Realistic "War Stories," and
  • Advice from "The Brass"